Regular bras represent some ideal of symmetry—they weren’t made for you and still aren’t. Now, here’s something actually for YOU!

Finally, a real bra for asymmetrical breasts. We've created our own unique signature bra cup line designed specifically for women with asymmetrical breasts who want to wear their bras comfortably throughout the day without sacrificing support for both of the breasts.


Chances are, your breasts aren't matching - and that's perfectly alright. 

In fact, asymmetrical breasts are more common than you think. According to our research in Europe in 2021, 38% of women have asymmetrical or uneven breasts. 

It’s all about
that comfortable fit

We want to provide you with
the best bra for asymmetrical breasts

Let’s find a bra that actually fits you

So, are you ready to meet the best fitting bra yet? Find out your SIZE with our bra fitter.


From women, to women

Just like you, we know the struggles of finding a perfect bra for uneven breasts. With a Symmetrista bra, you get the full package – support, comfort, and style.

But beyond bras, we're an empowered community of women learning to embrace asymmetry and symmetry on our own terms, free from societal standards of body perfections.

What our clients say

"As a result of breastfeeding, I discovered myself with uneven breasts. I lost my confidence to wear my regular clothes and to go outside of the home because it was so clearly visible that my breasts were uneven. All the bras in the market are not designed for asymmetrical breasts and it was pretty uncomfortable to wear one bra cup empty. But the Symmetrista bra is a true game-changer for me. It makes me feel confident and sexy and I don't have to worry about my asymmetry being visible. Thank you for uplifting the confidence of women with asymmetrical breasts.
One very happy client here!"

 - Lily

"I was lucky enough to be one of the models in Symmetrista's R&D phase, and to date I have been wearing their Signature Bra for over 8 months. I have a 3 cup size gap in my breasts. The product (Signature Bra) is wonderful, fits well and I can forget that I have breast asymmetry for the whole day. Super bra and I recommend everyone who has asymmetrical breasts to buy it - you won't regret it! In addition, the panties are also very comfortable to wear, the invisible edge makes them comfortable to wear every day."

- Christine 

Our products

Our bras are designed for women with asymmetrical breasts, but without sacrificing support for either of the breasts. They’re just as timeless as they’re enduring and ready to take you through day and night, night and day.

Here is a sneak peek of our products. Seductive collection coming soon.