Our story

Creating comfort, not just bras!

Every woman has 'bad hair days' and 'bad bra days.' However, every day is a bad bra day for women with uneven breasts. This shouldn't be so, and we intend to fix it!

Born out of burning desire

Symmetrista was born out of this single burning desire: to offer women with uneven breasts a bra that masks asymmetry, enhances silhouette evenly, and gives them the confidence they deserve.

Our founder Merlin struggled her entire life to find a bra that fit her uneven breasts. Initially, she thought she was alone in this—until she found out that there were many other women like her.

In fact, Symmetrista’s survey carried out in Europe in the Spring of 2021 showed that up to 38% of all women have significant degrees of breast asymmetry.

This begged the question: 
Why weren't there bras tailored for them?

Merlin soon realized that the fashion industry simply wasn't interested in true inclusion. With an absolute desire to empower women like her, she set out to find a solution. Supported by her husband, she took on the challenge of designing the ideal breast asymmetry bra, the first of its kind. After years of meticulous work fueled by passion, Symmetrista came alive. Today, as co-founders, this couple is redefining inclusiveness in the lingerie space and ensuring that no woman gets left out.

Mission to empower women

We're committed to empowering every woman to feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. As a brand dedicated to inclusion and perfect fit, we make beautifully designed and expertly crafted bras for women with uneven breasts.

More than just a bra company, Symmetrista is a community that celebrates communal individuality and female empowerment. Together, we're redefining bras and rewriting narratives about symmetry and perfection.

Crafted to Perfection

At Symmetrista, we value craftsmanship and quality. For this reason, our bras are made of the finest materials and constructed with utmost precision and care. We are dedicated to making bras where timeless design, unrivalled quality, irresistible style, and optimal comfort come to life vibrantly just for you.

At this juncture, we need to acknowledge the efforts of our suppliers.

We work with suppliers that share our values to source only premium fabrics and components, and they have been just as committed as we are to excellence. By investing in high-quality materials, we ensure that Symmetrista bras shape and support you perfectly every moment of every day and equally last long as your most trusted companion.

With Love and Care for the Planet

Symmetrista loves the earth and is committed to protecting it!

We use a sustainable supply chain wherein our materials are ethically sourced and transported. And as we grow, we aim to minimise our environmental footprint by adopting eco-friendly practices such as recycling our old products and partnering with organisations that help protect our planet.

So, by choosing Symmetrista, you're not just investing in a perfect-fit, high-quality, low-impact, and long-lasting bra—you're also investing in a greener future for all.