12 Best Solutions To Perk Up Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

12 Best Solutions To Perk Up Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding

As a mother, breastfeeding your little angel is undoubtedly the most beautiful bonding moment. But as a woman, it’s only natural for you to worry about the changes your breasts go through as a result. You’re not alone! 

Many women who are nursing moms fear they may not get their perky breasts back, and with good reason, too. Not to mention, breast sagging can really do a number on your body image and your confidence. We understand.

But don’t worry. Here we have a list of the best solutions to perk up your saggy breasts after breastfeeding. If you keep reading, you’ll also get some great tips on how to prevent breast sagging in the first place. 

But first…

Why Do Your Breasts Sag After Breastfeeding?

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Understanding the relationship between breastfeeding and your breast sagging is the first step to finding the right solution to rectify it. With that said, the first thing to note is that your breasts sagging doesn’t directly result from the actual act of breastfeeding. It starts during pregnancy when your body prepares itself for lactation. 

Like many pregnant women, you may have noticed your breasts getting fuller or bigger. That’s because of the pregnancy hormones. They build up fat tissue, add more milk ducts, and increase blood circulation in your breasts. As this happens, the ligaments supporting your breast and the surrounding skin stretch out to give room for sufficient milk production. 

Once you stop breastfeeding and there is no more breast milk in the milk ducts, your breast tissue starts to shrink. But when the tissue shrinks faster than your stretched-out skin and ligaments, your breasts droop below the breast crease, causing what is medically referred to as breast ptosis, a.k.a. saggy breasts.

We should point out, however, that the degree of breast ptosis differs among many women. This depends on your skin elasticity, which is mostly affected by factors like age, genetics, or lifestyle. For example, the degree of sagging breasts tends to be less significant in younger nursing mothers than in older ones.  

But, while breastfeeding doesn’t cause sagging breasts, it can lead to slightly uneven breasts or breast asymmetry. If this is also a major concern for you, learn more about it by reading our detailed article “Can Breastfeeding Cause Breast Asymmetry? 

12 Top Solutions For Sagging Breasts After Breastfeeding

We’ve divided the solutions into three categories. You can work your way down the list or skip to your most preferred solution.

Home Remedies You Can Try

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Let’s start with solutions you can easily implement from the comfort of your house:


Try engaging in regular exercises that specifically target your chest muscles. These exercises will tone the pectoral chest muscles under your breast, giving your saggy boobs a slight lift. Exercise may also help reduce the fat stored in your breast tissues and tighten the skin around it for a firmer breast appearance.

Great chest exercise examples include chest presses, push-ups, arm curls, etc. You could also try swimming or add weights to your workout routine to kick things up a notch. Just make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Proper Nutrition

Poor diet and nutrition can negatively affect the elastin and collagen in your skin leading it to lose elasticity. To prevent sagging breasts you must incorporate helpful nutrients like Vitamin B and E. Saturated fats are also ideal since they make up the cell membranes of your breasts and prevent the surrounding skin from straining and stretching when nursing. So, eat foods like eggs and meat, rich in saturated fats, and drink lots of water to restore your skin’s elasticity.

Hot and Cold Showers

Start with a hot shower to open your pores, expand your skin, and stimulate blood circulation. Immediately follow up the shower by soaking in cold water to help tighten your skin. Alternating between the hot and cold water does wonders in improving your skin’s elasticity which in turn helps restore your saggy boobs.

After soaking, massage your breasts in circular motions and apply gradually increasing pressure. Regular massagin not only improves blood flow but also promotes the growth of new breast tissues. This technique works best if you start as soon as you realize your breasts are drooping; even so, better late than never!

Supportive Bra

While a supportive bra won’t restore your breasts to their original glory, it can provide an aesthetically pleasing breast shape. The key is finding a well-fitted bra. It will help prevent further drooping by offering added support to your breasts. You may also want to pick the best fabric and shape for maximum comfort.

Symmetrista’s Signature Bra is the perfect example that ticks all the boxes, especially if you have uneven, sagging breasts. Our bra offers you a custom fit with superior support and comfort and a symmetrical breast lift. Don’t know your breast size? Check out our free size calculator, or contact us for expert advice. 

Practice Good Posture

As a new mommy, you must carry your little munchkin around all the time. So it’s no surprise if you develop a hunchback as a result. Unfortunately, the poor posture adds more strain to your hanging breasts and accentuates the whole sagging breasts look. A good posture, on the other hand, reduces the strain on the chest muscles and ligaments supporting your breast.

Plus, keeping your back straight and shoulders back helps your breasts appear perkier by giving them a slight breast lift. Yoga is a great way to practice posture. You can try poses like cat-cow, downward dog, or cobra pose among others. 

Non-Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Worth Considering

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Although effective, home remedies may not be enough for you if you have significant breast sagging. So, you can try these non-invasive procedures:

Caci Bust Treatment

This is a great non-surgical breast lift technique. It generally involves a doctor using a hand-held device to target strong electrical pulses at the muscles surrounding your breasts. The pulses tone the muscles to give your breasts a firmer, fuller, and uplifted appearance. You would need to go for several sessions to get the desired results. But before considering this procedure, make sure you are completely done with breastfeeding. 

Aptos Threading

This procedure involves a uniquely designed absorbable barb thread. It is inserted underneath the sagging breast skin to offer support and reposition your breast tissue to its original position. Once the thread dissolves into your skin, it promotes collagen production, leaving you with a natural-looking breast lift and improved skin texture. The results do wear off after some time (approximately 2 years), but by then, your skin may have restored its elasticity.   

Laser Treatment

The laser breast lift procedure involves using high-energy laser beams. It induces thermal heating in the deep breast tissue and tightens the sagging skin around the area. The beams also destroy the dead skin cells and promote collagen production that enhances the elasticity and texture of your breast skin. It’s a non-invasive method so there is no recovery downtime or scars. But you should go for regular maintenance sessions so the results last longer.  

Surgical Solutions to Reshape Sagging Breasts

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Cosmetic surgery is also an option. If you know any skilled and trusted plastic surgeons, here are some cosmetic surgery procedures you can try:

Breast Lift

This is among the most common breast procedures done on a woman’s breasts. The breast lift surgery is medically known as Mastopexy. First, your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and then tighten and reshape the breast tissue. You not only get a lift in your breasts but also a perfect breast shape. However, don’t confuse this for Mastectomy, commonly used to treat breast cancer patients and involves the complete removal of skin and breast tissue of the affected area. 

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is simply an enhancement procedure that surgically adds breast implants to give you larger breasts. Plastic surgery involves creating a pocket in your breasts to make room for the implants. It’s a great option for correcting minor breast sagging and works best if you have healthy skin. That’s because the weight of the implants can contribute to further sagging over the years if your skin is not elastic enough. 


If the sagging makes it seem like you have deflated breasts, Lipofilling is a great solution. It involves taking fat cells from your other body parts and injecting the purified fat cells into your breast to build up more fatty tissue. It’s a slightly less invasive and more natural procedure than using implants. Plus you still get a firm breast lift with a fuller appearance.  

Breast Reduction

Mothers typically experience engorgement of their breasts during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. But if you naturally have large breasts, then this solution is the best way to resolve the sagging issue. Removing the excess skin and tissue will reduce your breast size and elevate the nipples back to the right position. Aside from the benefit of a breast lift, this procedure also makes your breasts more proportional to your other body parts. 

Tips To Prevent Your Breast from Sagging During Breastfeeding

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In case you are still a nursing mom, there are ways to prevent sagging breasts after breastfeeding. The following tips will reduce significant breast changes by ensuring your breasts shrink evenly once the milk production is done:

  • Hold your breast while nursing - If you’re feeding your baby from your left breast, use the crook of your left arm to support your baby’s body and your right hand to lift the left breast. The extra support reduces the strain on the skin while nursing.  
  • Wean gradually and at the right time - When you’re ready to wean your baby, start slowly. Gradually reduce the breastfeeding frequency to give the fatty tissues enough time to redeposit and effectively restore the shape of your breasts. 
  • Avoid over-breastfeeding - some moms claim to have breastfed their babies for up to three years or more. We get that it's hard to let go of such a beautiful bond. But not weaning your child at the right time means your breasts go through extra strain, increasing the chances of sagging.
  • Maintain a healthy weight - We know you can’t wait to get rid of the baby fat, but rapid weight loss will contribute to saggy breasts. Give your skin time to restore itself by maintaining a stable weight and gradually shaving it off.
  • Follow a healthy diet - Eat plenty of fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, foods rich in saturated fats, and drink plenty of water. Do this to improve your skin elasticity and overall health. 
  • Always wear a fitting bra - While still nursing, always wear a bra that fits perfectly and offers your breasts the support they need to avoid sagging. 
  • Exercise regularly - As we mentioned, exercise is important. So make time for chest presses to help keep your breasts perked up.

There’s Still Hope!

You can still get back your youthful perky breasts. Pick any of the solutions we’ve offered you and boost your confidence. That’s our goal at Symmetrista, especially for nursing moms who also struggle with breast asymmetry. We want to empower you to always feel confident in your skin. Contact us today to see how we can help you make that possible!
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